Does this mean I can no longer hold a grudge against him?

A few days ago, he hurt me badly, not the first time. I got really angry and basically showed him how fustrated I was with all his shit. Didn't curse him out or insult him. Later I texted him and said I was fine now because I expressed it. He said some shit to his friend about how girls don't mean it when they say that and I straight up told him that I meant it and he needs to get over it. Does this mean i can no longer be angry about all of his shit or just the shit from last time? I don't want to hold a grduge but I want to know this.

  • For all his shit
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  • For the shit that happened last time
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  • Grudges will ruin a relationship fast. Your going to have arguments and get really pissed off at times but both have to forgive and try their best to forget

    • we usually do this! Thanks!

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    • No one or no relationship is perfect

    • So MH worthy right now! <3

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What Guys Said 3

  • If you haven't dumped him do it now. Then don't speak to him again. Why be around negatively and drama and stir up the same pile of shit if you don't have to?

    • I don't want to dump him. I really like him. He just has his flaws.

  • holding a grudge against some1 is pointless in my opinion... bt if he's an asshole u can always unfriend him :)

  • Sounds like a loser. Why are you continuing to subject yourself to him?

    • He isn't a loser, he just seems to not understand that some people don't like getting hurt.

What Girls Said 1

  • For all his shit.

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