I feel so good, because I made my first date jealous, am I evil?

Accidently bumped into my first online date at a mall today while I was with other girl
I really liked her a lot and my heart was broken af when she friendzoned me and went for a douchebag. Oh that didn't go well for her of course.

She was kind happy to see me then asked about the girl next to me. Told her she was my date and her facial expression just changed all the sudden. She seemed very dissapointed.

Although I wasn't happy about my date today, seeing her facial expression made my whole day XD


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  • you're not evil lol.


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  • I've had that happen too. It's the best feeling crushing them like that. I went out to lunch with my ex but I just wanted my comics back.

    She left me for some fuckboi 2 months later went to lunch I led her on all date and crushed her at the end "oh no I can't hangout later I have plans with my girlfriend" boom then left her with the check like a boss.

    Anyone with any self respect would not take an ex back after being second to some fuckboi. Good job man enjoy that victory.