What types of jobs do you think would be ok with just hiring for the summer?

I know I've heard about summer jobs, but I just think as an employer, I wouldn't want to hire anyone for just a couple months 8/
I've got a high school diploma and all, not a lot of paid work experience...
i just don't know who'd be interested in hiring a kid for a summer.


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  • Lots of places, but primarily retail. Or fast food, but I'd recommend retail over fast food.

    • Retail, k. Marked down.
      We'll see what happens.
      I'd REALLY like to get some work in this summer, but my family ain't too good with fixed schedules right now 8/

    • Plus I don't have my college bus card yet

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  • Seasonal type work, like pools, theme parks, zoos, or summer camps. Although many fast food and retail places are okay with hiring just for the summer.


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  • Anything that doesn't require much training, so for example bar work, supermarket work.