No more lucid dreams?

I've naturally been able to lucid dream since I was five. I'm 18 now, and suddenly it stopped. I haven't had a lucid dream in five months, am I ever going to be able to again? How do I start lucid dreaming again?


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  • I get an occasional one too, and they're ones I remember when I wake up (which you prob feel too)
    But I think there's some funky way to train yourself... But tbh, maybe you will again, maybe not.
    Have to admit its hella awesome though

    • Mines not occaisional though. It used to be literally every night. I was even able the control my body outside of my dreams. But I can't anymore :(

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    • I sure as hell hope that's not happening

  • I very rarely am able to do it anymore, occasionally it happens but it's very infrequent. Maybe there are ways to assist and encourage it?


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