How would you react if someone accidentally spit at your feet?

Would you be very angry and scold him?


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  • I would be very, very offended, but I'd just keep on walking/doing whatever it is I'm doing. Despite my initial shock I'd try to appear nonchalant, because the person obviously did that to get a reaction out of me, and I'd refuse to grant him that.

    However, if he did that to any of my friends or family (when I was a kid, a teenager spit in my mom's face) things would probably end up with me beating the cr*p out of him until I'd be able to force an apology out of him.

    • Lol you dont look like you wld beat someone up

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    • I lift weights (nothing too heavy), but I'd probably just do a lot of kicking because my upper body's not as strong as my lower body :P

    • ok :DDD

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