Why do women tend to get more help/support than men?

I know a lot of men are too afraid to ask for it because of pride and the whole "be a man" stuff... but it just seems to me that women get a lot more help/support than us?

I watched this documentary about domestic violence last night, and even though it was titled "Beaten by my boyfriend" and was obviously focused on domestic violence suffered by women, it completely disregarded the figures of men being abused by their partners!

I'm not trying to bash anyone here, but even on GaG when you scroll down the feed, you notice that the female question answers will get a lot more answers and sympathy then a man.

Only the other day there was a question asked by anon Female about hitting her husband. Some of the answers were "He probably deserved it", "You go girl!"

A man asked a similar question that he had pushed his wife after she had attacked him, and most of the women answers called him a "thug" and a "misogynist".



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  • I think that's true and I wish it wasn't, but I guess it will take time before society sees men have feelings too. Only thing we can do about it is showing the men around us that it's okay to talk about emotions and give them as much support.

    • I'm going through an extremely bad time at the moment... I have completely shut myself out from everyone.

      Everytime someone close asks if I'm OK, I want to say I'm not... but I tell them "Yeah, I'm fine thanks".

      I'm very much a man - a proper man I mean - I hate crying, I hate being emotional, I hate seeming weak and needy... so I just close myself up even more.

      Everything about society oppresses us men - everything. From films to documentaries, from TV shows to adverts.

      I don't know if you can blame it on society though, because it wasn't always like this...

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    • Dude, you think I need a job? I'm 18 year old and in highschool and I'll let you know that my future looks pretty bright.
      You just said you didn't seek for help because you didn't want to look weak. Then why are you complaining that you don't get the help you need? Maybe you should help yourself for one time like everybody else.

    • Your asshole is shinning quite bright too, with the amount of shit coming out of it ;)

      The whole point of this question was to emphasise how hard it is for men to get support because of how indoctrinated we have been... i. e oppressed.

      It goes for EVERY man: they don't want to act weak (even though they might do), so they don't ask for help.. and something needs to be done about it.

      "Maybe you should help yourself for one time like everybody else." ... lol WOW, just wow... I really hope you don't become a social worker/teacher/mother or anything like that, you'd be absolutely horrible at that haha!

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  • Psychologically speaking, Its all about gender expectations. Males are perceived as strong and manly and women are perceived as weak, mothers that take care of the house. (I'm being very vague here). I mean psychically speaking most guys are stronger than women. But Domestic violence and Mental abuse are different. I mean how often do you hear about a woman beating up her husband on the news? Its just how our society places expectations on ones gender.

    • Why isn't anything being done about it.

      I've never seen someone famous stand up and talk about "Men's issues" so openly... unless they talk about Women's issues and just include a couple of things on men...

  • We are not afraid to ask for it.

    • Actually statistics show that a lot of women are too afraid to come forward about domestic violence... but you wouldn't care would you?

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  • coz we respet gals more dude... as i do 8)

    not 2 mention most of times guys r those who cause all da fuss :D

    • That's sexist, you do know that right? As soon as you claim someone causes more "fuss" than someone else, it's discriminating them. You've literally proven my point.

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