Do you think my eyebrow piercing suits my face?

i know this pic is edited to hell :P
hope the black and white doesn't make your judgement too difficult ^.^
do you think my eyebrow piercing suits my face?


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  • It's not doing anything to compliment your face. I'm sorry. v. v

    • if i wanted something that would compliment my face, i'd get plastic surgery. but allas, that's a bit too expensive.

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  • errrr bro... nope sorry :(

    • you just don't like it i guess xD doesn't matter. I'm sure there are a few things you like which i find terrible ^.^

  • You look like my boss, except he doesn't have the earrings.
    If you got an alligator tooth necklace you would have the full setup.
    Earrings aren't as complete without an single distracting feature.

    Also if you can afford an alligator leather coat and an elephant ivory cane with a decent sized jade incrusted into it then you'll be all set.

    Also get snake or alligator leather boots, chicks dig that. But beware of gold diggers, they'll think you're rich.

    • a simple 'No' would've been good enough weirdo :P typing such a long comment just to make fun of me seems like an enormous waste of time xD

    • Not exactly my motive of this opinion. Simply adding more will change the nonstandard to dashing.
      It's like me wearing shirt and goggles with no lab coat or black or dark red rubber gloves. I wouldn't be that interesting without it.

      If it isn't an expensive setup then maybe 'no'.

  • No offence but I fucking hate eyebrow piercings.
    It doesn't make my judgment difficult at all, it looks bad lol.

    • That's your opinion Lol not mine ^.^
      but thanks anyway i guess :P

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    • Any other piercing is ok but eyebrow is so 1990's

    • oh i will ^.^ by the way i am jobless so i guess it does suit me after all haha :P

  • It looks fine