Black gingers or with blue eyes, weird or cool?

I dunno, I think black gingers, aka blingers by a friend and I, and black people with blue eyes is beautifully rare. I have a cousin who'se a natural ginger and everyone thinks he's demonic or something, lol. I remember thinking, "why does everything think its weird? So what, he has red hair." and not knowing its seriously rare. I also think the blue eyes on a black person are always strikingly beautiful, but they seriously pop out. Maybe its the skin and eye color contrasts, but what do you think.

  • Ginger hairs okay, blue eyes are weird
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  • Blue eyes are okay, ginger hair is weird
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  • Its fine, I guess
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  • Its weird
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  • Thats freaking awesome!!!
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  • Are they possessed by satan or something?
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  • It's both weird and cool.


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  • better wid brown eyes i guess

  • That sounds horrible. You are horrible for even saying this.

    • What horrible for even asking or for bringing up black people with red hair/blue eyes exist? I actually think its pretty damn cool. Now a black ginger with blue eyes? Oh please, if its a girl, marry me.

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    • For a 45 y/o adult, you made a 13 y/o comment and I have lost what little respect I had. Goodbye.

    • Good thing I'm not 45.