Is it better to buy hard copies of a game or download them from your respective store?

So I've recently gotten an Xbox One, and even more recently gotten access to Internet for it.
I'm trying to decide whether I should go out and buy a hard copy of Destiny, or download it.
its an especially hard choice because my internet is being uncooperative when it comes to downloading things.
Anyway, overall, do you prefer hard copies, or downloading games on your platform?

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  • I don't game ;p
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Perks of hard copy:
    - You own it
    - You can lend it
    - You can re-sell it
    - You can start or complete a collection
    - It doesn't take up room on your hard drive

    Perks of 'soft' copy:
    - No need to leave your house
    - Can be cheaper

    I always go for the hard copy, personally.

    • Actually at least on the Xbox one you have to install it...

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What Girls Said 3

  • A - if something happens to your account you never know what that might entail.
    hard copies are hard copies - always with you.


    When I move back to my parents I'll have an xbox one to fuck around on soo I suggest you add me. I'm pretty sure my gamer tag is linktair 😁

    • But - for games you know you'll like, and games you KNOW you'll replay, digital download. For games you're unsure of, hard copy. 'Cause that way you can sell them back or sell them to a store that will take them and get SOME money back or put it towards a store credit for a different game in the future.

    • I know I know.:..
      Kinda regretting after shelling out for Xbox gold...
      But I wanted Halo 5 and I've always loved the Xbox controller. Might've been a bad decision but no going back now.
      Ha my gamer tag is still the one it randomly assigned me, vexed horse or something.
      If I had good internet, I woulda downloaded Destiny by now, as it is, I don't want to wait ten hours for it to download so I'm considering just grabbing a hard copy.

  • Hard copy I'd say.


What Guys Said 5

  • Downloadable content scares me... if I have a disk, it is mine and I can do what I want with it. Too many companies are taking away the rights we have with games we PAID for.

    Sure I still download things, but I will always take the disk anytime.

  • I generally prefer downloading - use a download manager! But, if your net is uncooperative - buying hard copy will be logical choice! Once you have it, make a copy for your own safety - my experience says that most vendors send fragile DVD's Blue Ray discs - they are unreadable at times. Microsoft is one such company that dishes out crap quality of discs

  • Hard copy over a downloadable version cause if the Xbox LIve service went down you would have no way to play the game online.

  • With a download you do not actually own the game per say.

  • I say hard copy because then when I'm done I can sell them on ebay.