Pursuing Nursing as a Career?

Well I have always been good at computers (experience in networking, programming and repair) and music (i play a couple musical instruments), but I have a lot of science credits due to chasing Pharmacy school. I am really thinking about doing Nursing (on the advice of some family). The only thing is that I don't perceive myself as a people person and can get quiet annoyed at times (tend to sweat the small stuff), then there are other times where I will be alright and nothing can bother me. I am just afraid of nursing, from all the horror stories of yelling patients and their families, the whole burnout issue. Then again with computers I am afraid that I won't find a job since it seems flooded at this point in my life I really need a career. I have a job, but it can't pay enough for me to survive on my own. I really want to have a real comfortable life and be able to support a family.

P. S. I have never done anything in nursing so I don't know if I will like or hate it in reality. Plus when talking to some people this would allow me to pay the bills and if anything I can pursue other things. A lot of them also tell me that I would be good working with kids, since a lot of times I tend to be good with kids.


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  • Hey there! Student nurse here :D just so you know my Uni's way of teaching is more experience-focused instead of being lecture-based, so I've interned at OB Ward, Pediatric Ward, Delivery Room, OPD, and in the Community with Community health nurses :)

    I'd honestly been strongly opposed to this course, but my parents forced me to wait until I intern at the hospital to see how I actually like helping patients and all that. Despite the intense amount of blood, sweat, urine, and feces, I've grown to love Nursing. Unfortunately for you, the colleges in the States won't let you intern until after a couple years of lecture, so you won't actually know whether you like Nursing until you've already taken a couple years of it.

    If it helps, I'm not a "people person" and can get very easily irritated as well, but so far I haven't dealt with an angry clients or family members. I know people do get yelled at, but that doesn't happen often.

    Nurses have to work with computers- nowadays most, if not all the hospitals in America use technology that allows most of what the nurses do be via a computer. I've only worked in public hospitals so I can't give you any first-hand advice, but from what my sister tells me, things are pretty easy.

    Honestly there are a lot of nursing jobs that don't really require you to interact with chatty people. You can stay in the OR (ahh, the silence) or you can work with the babies since they can't talk or complain :)

    I know the pay is good, in Cali the starting is supposedly around $30 an hour? :)

    welp hope this helps :D wish you the best of luck with your career, hope you eventually find a job you're happy with :)


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  • You should ask @I_am_repulsive He could give you some hands on advice.


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  • Nursing is definitely a good career choice for job security purposes, and there' are many different types of nursing fields that you can choose upon graduating. It varies upon where you actually live; if you live in Canada or US then some of the things they do in US is slightly different, but still practically the same thing. Bachelor of nursing usually takes 4 years to complete in Canada and hence why I took LPN first before becoming an RN. An LPN in Canada is similar to an RN, but we cannot do IV stuff, however as of now, we can take courses for it, even dialysis. I have been working full time LPN and getting paid approx $30 an hour not including shift differentials and weekend premiums (I started at $26 of course). The LPN I took was only a year because it was a private school, but now it takes about 18 months to 2 years and if you bridge from LPN to RN it takes about 2-3 more to become an RN. Nursing deals with plenty of people in general and you are there to assist them with whatever they need and that includes toileting, bed bath, medications, feeding and so forth. There are patients who are aggressive and unpredictable, but in time you are able to learn how to deal with the scenario. If you think you are good with dealing with people and if you think you have the stomach for the job, then nursing is for you. Like I said, there are different fields in nursing and some are harder than others. Some people like acute care, some people like geriatric care, and some even long term care and palliative care. You just need to choose which one you are suited for when you actually do complete your nursing program. Good luck and I hope I gave you a little bit insight of what it is you have to do as a nurse. Wish you all the best