Whos fault is it in this situation?

Months passes, (A) moves and start uni aka becomes a student and has just enough money to go by. (K) actually needs the money, but choces to complain to (A)'s friend instead of confronting (A). (A) knows this because the friend is a closer friend to (A) then (K).

2-3 months after (A) has moved, (K) has asked for the money a couple of times, but states, its no hurry. (A) actually does have the money to pay (K) back, but (A) doesn't have (K)'s accountnumber and asks for it. (K) tells (A), several times, that she is going to send her the accountnumber, but never does.

This leads (A) to forget the whole thing and ends up using the money she was really going to use to pay (K) back.

So in this situatio would you say (A) is responsable for the money not being tranfered ba k to her account? Would you say that its (K)'s fault also because she doesn't give her the accountnumber so that the transaction actually can be made?

As you may have realised already i was in this situation, and it was really annoying that she would tell me, to my fsce, that it was no hurry and that i can pay her back whenever. But behind my back she would complain to our mutual friend that i didn't pay her, and this was even after she didn't send me the accountnumber, i asked her via text and over phone, several times.


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  • Sounds like it took a very long time to pay K back, even before you moved. That isn't good and will make some people trust you less next time.
    Yes she should have sent the account number, but you should have paid way before that anyway. I mean you're talking about the time you lived there, then moved out, then a couple months down the line...
    Way I see it myself, when I owe money to somebody it's no different to owing money to a loan company. They aren't responsible for me making sure I get the money to them, whether I do bank transfer or give them cash in hand, it's not up to them to chase me or anything like that because tgey already did me the favour.
    With your own situation, it could have been paid back long before it got to this point and long before you even asked for the bank details.

    And yea, sometimes people say "it's ok don't rush" or something similar in these situations because they're trying to be polite, even if they really want the money. But i don't think there's any reason to discuss that kind of situation with mutual friends... It's just embarrassing... She shouldn't have done that either.

    Lots of it could of been managed differently by both of you really, not just you not just her.


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  • A i'd say :)

  • It's A's fault. Or K. This is stupid. I always get these wrong.


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  • Its your (A) fault basically because if I was in that situation my priority would be to return the money asap

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