Found a WW2 Kriegsmarine dagger at an antique mall. Curious?

If I had to guess, it was taken off of a prisoner of war by an American sailor as a souvenir, who returned home, and whose heirs had no interest in keeping it. They were selling it for a truly ridiculous price - over $900 - but I was left thinking. Do you think the family of the German sailor it came from would want it back, if someone were to buy it and track down who it belonged to? Or is that part of the family history they wouldn't want to associate with?

There were two other daggers there as well. Looked to be SS.

  • I don't think the families would want them back.
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  • The Kriegsmarine family might want it back, but not the SS ones.
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  • All of them would likely appreciate their return.
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  • From what I understand, basically talking about Hitler or the Nazis is pretty much a crime in germany.

    Ironic, that we demonize Hitler so much... while giving so little attention to Stalin, who actually wiped out more innocent people than hitler!


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  • they might want them back.


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  • But how would you track down the families if there's no name?

    • Have to get them out of the display case and inspect them to see. One of them did look to have something handwritten on its sheath.

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