I get envyus of guys way more often then of girls? is tha weird?

is it weird that i get envyus of guys way more often then girls?

for example if a guy is way stronger then me, that makes me feel bad or less good at weight lifting, or if a guy is really tall, i have a tendency to envy them.. i just really want to be tal (im 5'5)

And the fact that if i for example started liftig weights and dieting the exact time as a guy at my age and weighs the same as me and is also my hight, he will get way quicker stronger and fitter then me. I also envy guys that can use 2 min to get ready in the morning, i dont really use a long time to get ready either (normally 10-15 min), but i would love to be able to use 2 min and look good.

I aslo envy a lot of guys for their legs, the greates legs i have seen belongs to guys... So i rarely get envyus of girls, unless they have a lot of money or something... is that odd?



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  • You mean envious

    • yes, my English isn't so good

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    • Why? I mean guys have it easier then women when it comes to most things

    • Well I understand you somewhat. Most of the time women are jealous of other women.

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  • it's a bit weird.