What genre would my music taste be categorized as?

We have this weird assignment for guitar where we have to talk about the genre of music we prefer the most, mention artists that we like from that genre and some other topics on the genre. I honestly don't know how my music taste would be categorized.

I'm assuming mostly Indie/ Alternative rock?
Here are some of my favourite artists/ bands

Tom Odell
Ben Howard
Lana Del Ray
The Neighbourhood
Hozier ( no I don't like him cause of take me to church, I knew some of his songs before that one got played on the radio)
Led Zepplin
The Fratellis


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  • Tom Odell sounds like soft pop-rock to me. In German we would call this "cuddle-rock" (the type of music you listen to when you want to have sex in a slow, romantic way). He reminds me a bit of James Blunt.
    Ben Howard also sounds pretty pop-rockish to me, with some elements of folk music
    Lana del Rey seems to go into the direction of indie-pop
    The Neighbourhood sounds quite indie-rockish
    Coldplay is sort of indie-pop-rock in my opinion
    Hozier... that's a very interesting one (I didn't know him before) I would say folk-pop with some country and soul elements in it
    Led Zeppelin: to me that's just typical 60s rock (great stuff)
    The Fratellis... mhm... sounds like soft pop to me

    So yeah... I guess altogether I would say something along the lines of soft pop/folk pop with some indie elements here and there


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  • u like altrnative rock mostly

    and some pop

  • It's probably considered Country.


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  • I would say you have a preference for indie music.

    Tom Odell: indie pop
    Ben howard: Folk/ indie folk
    Lana del rey: Baroque pop/ indie pop
    The neighbourhood: indie rock/alternative rock
    Coldplay: Britpop/ alternative rock
    Hoizer: indie rock/blue
    Led Zepplin: hard rock
    The fratellis:indie rock

    You really like British music.

  • VERY similar to mine is what I'd call it.
    Alt rock mostly, yeah!

  • Old school?

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