Do you think he would've asked me out if I didn't ask him to Sadie's?

In January my high school had a Sadie's dance (girls ask guys to the dance) and I asked my friend Kevin to be my date and he said yes.

Two weeks after the dance, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes.

I know you might think this is a pointless question but if I didn't ask him to Sadie's, do you think Kevin still would have asked me to be his girlfriend? (like if I asked someone else or if I didn't go altogether)

I read a lot on here that girls flirting or making the first moves matter a lot to guys so I was wondering.

  • Yes. He probably would've still asked you to be his girlfriend even if you didn't ask him to Sadie's.
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  • No. He probably wouldn't have asked you to be his girlfriend if you hadn't asked him to Sadie's.
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  • Probably yeah.

    • All my friends say no.

    • Because By asking him to Sadie's I showed interest in him and he probably thinks I like him.