What movie do you recommend me to watch?

I like all type of movies, action movies, funny movies, scary movies so yeahh... lol

but I like movies that are based in a true story...
for example I don't like scary movies that are fakeeeeeee ( not true) because its not scary for meee...
but if the scary movie is based in a true story... then its just a little scaryyy

tell me what movies you would recommend :D
and what's it about?


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  • Well these actually aren't movies per say they are a mini series but each episode is as long as a movie. Band of Brothers and The Pacific both are true stories of soldiers who fought in WWII during the invasion of Germany and the war for the Pacific Theater, both even have interviews with soldiers who actually fought there, and have characters in the series

    Um some good movies The Last Samurai is loosely based off the events of the meiji restoration

    The Kingdom of Heaven is loosely/moderately based off of true events during the crusades in the holy lands.

    Arn the Knight Templar is a true story both an action and a romance movie really good to, sad as well.

    That's all I can think off of the top of my head.


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  • Pursuit of Happyness.

  • Watch Se7en. If you have not watched it yet.


  • Have you seen Bernie? Its a pretty crazy story but apparently the filmmakers kept it very close to the actual events. It stars Jack Black and is surprisingly good. Its a black comedy.