I want to know as much info about devil worshipers like how they join is if ur a girl are u considered a witch?

Can it take the good out of you like make you all mean would you cut ur wrist and what's with cats as soon As I noticed something's up I tend to see the same cats like trailing me fallowing me acrossed town and Halloween its all so conected
and I think I can figure it all out what happens if you go to where they do them like intrude just to look and see


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  • I'm sorry... what?

    • The story is too long to tell so I'll try and make it short I can see ghosts and stuff don't bother me none but my bros keep telling me they see these two little girls one happens to be a girl I really like amd I can remember what she looked like and they never knew her and they described her perfectly and I almost am positive she cuts her wrist and she started to get home schooled along time ago and she's just not the same kind of sad and mad all the time and her friends play with weigi bords and shit the same place there is a big devil worshiping sign so I decided to take a look and I seen these cats I didn't think much but as soon as I walked in the door to the place I heard a ton of wispering so I turned right around and walked out cuz i really hate devil worshiping aigns and I went on down the road and there was that same cat followed me all the way home stopped when I did went wen I went and I started to think about it and it kinda makes sence that if you started to do it would

    • Kill the good side of you like make u all mean and stuff and the good part of you is just floteing around and that's why we keep seeing her like in dreems and in places from our child hood but when they know something's up they send cats I know it sounds like I have a wild emagination but there's something wrong with her she didn't ever use to be that way tell she got took out of school and the damn cats are just so weird like why would they be there in the first place then why fallow me home cuz I know something's up

  • I don't think there are many devil worshippers. People think Satanists are devil worshippers but they aren't, they're a separate religion from Christianity and they don't believe in God or the devil.

    You can be a witch whatever religion you are, except religions which forbid witchcraft I suppose; because witchcraft is exactly what it says on the tin: a CRAFT that's not intrinsically linked to any religion although it's more prominent in some religions than others.

    • Well she's suppose to be Catholic and there's something up I can tell I have another ability when people can see the out sides of people like pretty and ugly and whatever but I can talk to someone and right off see what kind of person they are like if they are caring and if they are hiding it or if there's something thats not right about them and she deffenatly has something that not right and she is the best person at hideing it I have ever seen she will not open up like she's trained to sound fine trained to put just the right words but she's always sad and she can be mean at times and when we was kids she was never like that

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