What to write on my resume about my experience with babysitting?

I have trouble explaining things at times. I am currently writing my resume up and should explain why I have enjoyed babysitting. I know what I am thinking but cannot put it into words, if someone could help. Much appreciated and I'll 'best answer' whoever I think is good.

Basically from the experience
It has showed me responsibilty for looking after young children
An understanding of young children and their way of thinking.

And they're just so beautiful :)


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  • I wouldn't know...
    Writing resumes in Europe is different than in whichever country you are from. We have Europass... No embellishing, just cold hard facts and dates of where we worked and for how long + our skills listed and how high of a level are we at with them.

    Maybe you mean a cover letter?


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  • You have your title of babysitter. Under the title using bullet points you should describe your accomplishments, not your responsibilities.


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  • Just write:

    Babysitting has taught me how to prioritize, understand how younger children think and how to communicate with them, and taught me how to take responsibility for and care for others.

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