Girls and guys: have you ever tried to treat yourself as if you were your own daughter/son?

i. e. . not as harshly as you would otherwise?

I read this - I think Emma Stone said it. It makes sense. Especially when you're working a highly stressful job and on top of that you overcriticize everything about yourself.

Have you tried it?
What would you say to your own daughter/son if she/he was overly critical of herself/himself?


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  • Stop taking it personally! :P It's not always directly about you. Learn from everything, good and bad. Become better. Grow from these experiences. Hold onto faith and hope. It will only get better.
    Make the most of every moment and cherish and love those you hold dearest, because this too will pass.


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  • Yeah, in two ways:
    - Number one is self criticism when you feel you may be about to do the wrong thing or make the wrong decision.
    - Number two, when you've been through a lot, is to allow yourself some distraction in the form of a day out with family or so.
    Both are identical to how you'd treat your son or daughter... I think :D

  • I do. I find it makes me give up on certain things too easy because I tell myself "well, you tried your best"


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