I blocked a guy on Whatsapp but I still see his last time seen? ... confuse (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)?

I blocked him at yesterday 11 something PM. However his last seen is 4:52am... shouldn't it be 11PM something

Now i logged on and it said he loged in at 7:07am just now


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  • Why do you look at his time stamp? The whole point of blocking someone is to choose not to pay them attention yet you're fixated on the dude.

    • Exactly o blocked him for an entire reason however i need to know if my block is set up correctly

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  • Well it's the time detail about him you cannot stop that.

    • You shouldn't see when he logins or not...

    • Well you blocked his message and chat, still you will be able to see rest of his details. And it's vice - versa. I think you are concerned if he is able to see your last login or last seen, see dear the details their are not about the time you were on what's app online, but the last time you were online on that chat box with that person. So if it says 7.07am is his last seen it means he last time open and seen the conversation where you blocked him at that time after it he might be talking to his friends at 7:15 am that day, it dies not matters. It will show you 7:07 am.
      And if it's showing that is he is constantly seeing the chat box by the way you and him means he missing you and and, waiting for you to unblock him.

    • See if you don't want him on whatsapp delete his number from your device and delete his conversations, and he will be out of your list once you update or reinstall the app.

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  • Just because you blocked him doesn't mean he's blocked off whatsapp for good. He can still talk to other people who haven't blocked him.

    • But the time stamp, i shouldn't be able to see him frequently login.

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    • It's normal to see the LAST time stamp but not when he logins in and out frequently...

    • You can't log in and out of whatsapp, so I don't know what you're talking about. The last seen just indicates the last time he opened the app, that's all.

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