Why do people try and shut me out and how do I deal with it?

I’m trying to get out of my shell and open up to people but it’s like they purposely try in shut me back in. I can name a number of times where people have purposely shut me out or disrespected me and I seriously don’t get it. I'm not a rude or impolite person, I'm quiet, kind, respectful and friendly. I use to be very outgoing and talkative but all of that changed because I was sick of people, particularly girls, trying to shut me out. It's literally like every time I meet someone that I can open up to someone else comes along and tries to ruin it.

The most recent occurrence was at my job's orientation, I met a girl who happens to live in my area and we had a really nice conversation. However, when we went to tour our facility another girl came along and tried to push me out. She cut me off, gave me dirty looks, and didn't try to include me in conversations. She was on the other side of the room before we took our tour so I don't understand how this happened. I feel like this always happens but I try to let it go, and reamin postiive.

I'm black and all of the black people in the room somehow formed a group, but didn't try to include me (not that i'd want to).

People, particularly girls, have been jealous of me in the past and as a result shut me out, but I try not and think every girl or peroson is like that. Also, there is literally no reason for anyone to be jealous of me.

Also, at my jobs orentatiton, people would cut in front of me, not say excuse me, and were just rude. During our tour we took the elavator and I was in the front right corner, when we got off everyone but one person , a sweet guy, cut me off as I tried to get off. Two guys were very sweet to me, and I think its because they noticed how rude everyone else was being.

I have met some pretty awesome people but I ruined the chance to get to know them becasue I feared they'd eventually shut me out.

Anyways, why do people try and shut me out and how do I deal with it?


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