How to live with the fact that my pet fish died of neglect because I was too poor to take care of him adequately?

I inherited him from some friends who were leaving the state when unexpectedly, I became unemployed. He was one of those giant, larger than 12 inch fish, who's lips hang on the glass. I didn't have the money to afford his food or upkeep for his fish tank and he died. He was so big that he wouldn't fit down the toilet so I dropped him off at a metro park so he could be one with nature. Yet when I got there, the tank was so heavy that I dropped it and his giant little body fell out. I shriked. I turned around, said a little prayer, and drove off. It makes me feel horrible that some rodent will probably have him for dinner :(

I will NEVER have a fish that large again that requires so much maintenence. I feel awful. How can I get over the guilt?

I feel awful. I even burned some sage to cleanse the air where his tank used to be and in my car.


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  • Mabye it's not a good time for any more lets right now? At best you could of asked a pet store to take them if they were really big to find a new home.

    • Thanks a lot for the encouragement. I was feeling so guilty but I could barely afford to feed myself and keep heat running let alone properly take care of them :(

    • Lesson learnt, also make sure you take care of yourself!

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  • Think they're in a better place now.


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  • man... u should get over it soon otherwise thinkin bout it, will get u nowhere... u can always buy a new one :)


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  • a fish? really?

    • lol what is that supposed to mean?

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