To tell you guys the truth I feel a little overwhelmed with my first accounting class. if any of you know accounting please help me?

Prepare a balance sheet for the dental practice of Mary Cook, from the items list below for the month of November 2016

Retained earnings, November $15,000
Common Stock 25,000
Accounts Payable 8,000
Equipment 25,000
Service revenue 31,000
Dividends 8,000
Dental Supplies expense 4,500
Cash 10,000
Utilities Expense 800
Dental Supplies 3,200
Salaries Expense 9,000
Accounts 0 Receivable 16,000
Rent Expense 2,500?


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  • First you're gonna have to make an income statement and a cash flow statement. Then you will put your assets in the left side of the balance sheet and your capital and liabilities on the right side.

    This is not a difficult exercise, you should be able to do this. If you're having difficulty, review and/or find an online source to help you.


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  • we are not going to do your work for you.