I seem to have no time anymore, help?

So, i seem to be stuck in a rut. on days i have off of work, i get SO frustrated because i know that anything i do will only waste time till the nexy day i go to work. i spend hours jumping between games and shows because i just get so frustrated with wasting my time that i waste my time doing nothing.
oh, and before you say "there is no such thing as wasting time" YES there is. we all have a specific amount of time to live, and if you are spending some of that time not doing what you want to do, your time is being wasted.


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  • try to make more time.

    • you can't make more time, 24 hours in a day, i sleep 8-9 hours away, if i have work, theirs another 9 hours, if not then i spend my day frustrated.

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  • then try doing sth that values yer time bro... isn't there anything?

    • video games, watching shows, making animations (sadly to do that i need a drawing tablet so not yet) everything i want to do is right in front of me, but i fucking hate how fast time goes by when im doing something i want to do, and how slow it goes when im at work