Ladies and Gentlemen, what do you consider to be "a lot of makeup" ?

I was on here yesterday browsing through questions and came across this one, where the girl asked if she looked older then her age. The consensus was, that she looked older but everybody said it was because she was wearing "too much makeup". I personally, didn't think she was. I think she was wearing the basic makeup products most women use, like the average amount. I would say it was something like this picture

Ladies and Gentlemen, what do you consider to be
And, I don't find that to be "a lot of makeup".

This is a lot of makeup


and this,

are not

What do you consider to be "a lot of makeup"?

Also, that profile picture is of me and my cousins last weekend at my cousins graduation party. We're all wearing makeup, would you consider it to be a lot? Because, I don't.

P. S. So, there's not confusion. I'm not angry, just curious.


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  • It's funny to me because to get the "no makeup" look you actually have to wear a lot of different products XD Whereas to look like you're wearing too much make up you actually wear fewer products?

    I'm partially convinced it's a classism thing at this point. Do you have the money to buy a ton of different products? No? Well I guess you look cheap and wear too much makeup. :/

    And honestly we wear different style of make up for different situations and events. If the first woman was going out or giving a speech where people needed to see her or a ton of other situations she'd be perfect. So I really don't feel okay with looking at someone and juding them for their makeup. I don't know them or their life.

    I say do what you want and what makes you happy :)


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  • All of the girls in the pictures are wearing too much makeup, but you and your cousins are not, i can't even tell you are wearing makeup. To me, if she has large amounts of anything besides maybe some eyliner or foundation, then its too much. I seriously dislike lipstick and eyeshadow.

  • I would consider top picture too much make up

  • just like joker :p

  • Make up that make u look fake is a lot... U started looking like a plastic doll or something... Last two pics are perfect


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  • How do you determine if you are wearing too much make-up.

    1. If your make-up has literally changed the color of your skin to that of another race...
    2. If you eyelashes resemble tarantulas in anyway
    3. If your natural lips are located 1 inch below your lipsticked lips
    4. If your drawn/filled in eye brows are thicker than the width of your pinky finger
    5. If your cheeks no longer resemble blush, but you having a high grade fever
    6. If you have so much eye shadow people question if you've been in a fight
    7. If your make-up tones make it look as though you've just survived a week in the tundra
    8. If in the heat, your "face" is now dripping and melted like candle wax onto your shirt
    ... well, you may indeed be wearing too much make-up

    This is a lot of makeup. It can look cool at a club but not day to day

  • I think the first and third ones are too much.

  • Just when it really stands out, like it looks like you're a doll.