Invisible Sounds. What could it signify and should I seek to fix it?

an earworm is a peice of music stuck in your head.

im not sure whether or not to call my experiences earworms.
for me, these are vowels or short sounds, repeating very quickly, taking less than a second each.

theyre not real noise, obviously.
could this be something along the lines of "hearing voices"?


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  • actually dat happens to me sometimes before i try 2 fall asleep :O

    • no those are the hair cells inside of your cochlea.
      everyone has that, when its really quiet, you hear a silent sssssssssss

      mine would be like take a random word, marshmallow, and it repeats just the "ow" "ow" "ow" "ow"

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  • Schizophrenia often comes about around your age. It could be a mild form of that. Ask your doctor about it.

    • but i think these have happened more often when i was younger.
      it happened often when i was around or under 10,
      this year its only happened once.

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  • go to a doctor.