Should America get its own back for the War of Independence by invading Britain and making it part of USA? Should we make Britain our new 51st State?

Britain once controlled America and we kicked them out. Should we invade them and take control of Britain like they did to us and claim it as our new 51st state? Or perhaps make it into 3 new American states... England, Scotland, Ireland.

I think yes, and here's why...

- British people are annoying!
- Think they are better than everyone else
- They are snobby and rude
- They are old fashioned and boring
- They don’t contribute enough to world politics or media
- British tv is crap
- British men act too feminine
- British people don't brush their teeth
- Britain could be a strong threat to the US with nukes
- Britain has started wars with every country
- Most people worldwide hate Britain
- It would set an example to countries around the world not to mess with us
- America would become more powerful by having more land and resources.
- We would have a better, closer influence over Europe
- We would get even against them for trying to own America and for starting the war of Independence

So, do you think America should invade Britain?

  • Yes, invade Britain and make it part of USA
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  • I don’t care whether we invade Britain or not
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  • No, leave Britain alone, we are allies
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  • Invade France!
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  • This is an incredibly stupid question. On so many levels, for so many reasons.

  • Leave them alone!!


What Guys Said 4


    Obvious troll, is obvious.

    • "You are nothing, you are a fool and you are a waste of time! Goodnight!" Haha, Andy Tate, what a legend. I actually happen to be a die hard United fan. Do you think we'll get Bale, because De Gea is goooooonne!

    • You're a glory hunter.. support on of your local teams you wuss.

  • no... why would we do that? It would be hard to maintain a country that far away anyways...

  • No.. That would just justify what most people in the world think of USA or even prove it.

  • We've already invaded Britain for all purposes and intent.

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