Maternity leave?

i am currently working on a presention. The us offres 12 unpaid weeks to take care of things, with the certainty that you won't lose your job. Are you aware of the current maternity leave policies in the US?
1. what do you think about them?
2. do you think we can improve them? how?
3. how can we improve these policies for fathers?
4. how can we improve these policies for same sex couples?
5. what are the pros and cons of the current laws?
6. have you ever been affected by these policies? good or bad way?

here's a video..


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  • The U. S should probably try and do more to provide for parents with jobs. Especially for people who may not afford what's needed for a child. I also think that for same-sex couples, there isn't really anything separate that they have to do, maybe unless it's a gay couple. For fathers I think that they should get financial aid for that also.


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  • I am not 100% sure but in Ireland I think you get 26 weeks state paid benefit and can take up to a further 26 unpaid weeks.


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  • I am aware.

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