Why do I feel nervous about starting or look for a new job?

I hate feeling like this its a constant barrier that stops me in my tracks sometimes!
Have I just gotten too complacent?
How do I break out of this, and beat the anxiousness of job hunting and career progression?, I feel like it's sometimes never gonna happen for me.. so why bother!


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  • it's totally normal.


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  • You need to have a sense of urgency. Get out of your comfort zone and push forward. Do what is required and believe that it will happen for you. This is life.

    • "Comfort zone" I think your bang on!
      I just gotta go for it, life's too short right?

    • I was thinking about this one this morning. Anxiousness is good here, it means you have recognized you need to act. I would also add that you break your project into bite-size pieces, that way you do not become overwhelmed. Good luck!

  • Of course I do and so does everyone else at first

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