Should GeorgeW Bush be tried for war crimes at the Haig?

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  • No. There is no such concept as a war legal under international law or a war illegal under international law. War is the failure or absence of law.

    George W. Bush should be prosecuted for his numerous breaches of the U. S. Constitution, though, as should Obama and every other living predecessor.

    Bush should apologize for sacrificing American civilians and American soldiers, for nation-building instead of fighting his wars properly.

    Saddam Hussein was a tyrant. His state had no legitimacy. It had attacked the US numerous times before, but, even if it had not, it still would have had no right to exist. A state has legitimacy only to the extent that it protects the rights of its citizens.

    Let's imagine that you are walking down a street. You are French. And you see a Korean punch another Korean. You have the right to step in to protect the victim. The attacker would be wrong to say, "We're both Korean, and you are not; so, this is none of your business". And, if, following your intervention, numerous other people come into the street and start attacking one another, is that your fault? No. Why then, at the level of international relations, would we say that you were to blame?

    • Then how comes all those nazis were executed after ww2?

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    • The united states government recognised his regime as did the un

    • And they were wrong to do so.

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  • Iraq war was illegal and breached UN charter and George Bush , the leader of the United States at the time authorized that order so yes...


    America NEVER ratified the International Criminal Court's charter so in a sense... Hague can't touch America.

    • Maybe. But if you think about how many war criminals brought before the haig ratified it?

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    • Anyway I've spent enough time on this. Take it for what it will or maybe you'll take it as a "victory" because I'm leaving I don't know but as much of the bad America has done , it has also done good.

    • Nobody ever talks about how sadam the evil dictator was put in power by americs

  • No, among other things he was a puppet it would make no difference. I personally agree with the decision but thats another story

  • Who cares bring back Bill Clinton

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