Gamers and musicians and anyone who wants to learn guitar, What do you think of rocksmith 2014?

Basically you must have a electric guitar and basically you plug a jack with a USB into your Pc, xbox or playstation and it tells you how to play popular songs in a fun way.

The game is available, now on PC, Xbox 360, Ps3, Xbox one and PS4

The songs within the game are all registered and approved by their restrospective artists, infact Alice in chains, dethlok, and even marty scharwz got on board and reviewed the product, mostly rock songs, but there is still a expanding dlc catolouge of now pop, motown , soul, rythmn and blues and even ska songs
even the epiphone president got on board and did a deal where they give you a free ephiphone guitar with the game

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I used to own the 2012 copy, and must say my guitar playing improved rapidly to the point it felt natural and teaches you to play without looking,

The fun thing is it's like has it's own career mode where you learn songs in the game and perform them on a actual stage in the game, and with audience in there too
the game is still in progress, but the developers are constantly adding new songs from many musical genres.

You can learn songs on guitar from Artists such as B. B King, Guns n roses, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Chuck berry, ZZ top, Micheal jackson, Nickelback, Alice in chains, dethlok, Otis redding, Marvin gaye, Fall out boy, Blink 182, Chic, Nile rodgers, Joe satriani, Jimi hendrix


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  • it sounds cool.


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  • i wanna play "Your Love" by outfield and feel like a guitar god 8)

  • love it ! :)