Girls, has anyone dated a cancer guy, or any other water sign?

What were your experiences?


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  • im pisces girl and i have many friends cancers , piscesians and scorpions
    water signs are very very senstive
    they are romantic
    they love love itself
    they are caring and they love hardly
    but attenton
    water signs hate liars
    hate insults
    hate people who are cruel even with animals
    water signs seems calm but nooooooo sweety when they get angry they act like a volcano
    its simple if you treated them bad they will treat you worst
    but if you treated them good they are really so sweet


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  • I'm a cancer and saying a Pisces guy. He is so sweet and calm and gentle with me physically and emotionally. Anything I throw at him he accepts and doesn't bring it back to me. He's extremely strong physically and mentally. He can make any situation better simply by being there. Being a cancer I get upset easily and have anxiety about everyday things and when I'm around him my mind is calm and collected.

  • I have dated all three water signs; and in a nutshell:
    Mr Scorpio was very guarded, calm and even, (still waters run deep) unconventional and stubborn; however in my experience his sign's trademark passion and intensity only surfaced when he got angry (and when he did, clear the room!) intimate moments were somewhat less impassioned, but he was still a sweetheart. I always knew where I stood with Mr Scorpio. It was an amicable split.
    Mr Cancer was traditionalist in the matters of heart, , insistent on routine and , but a, well.. crabby, very moody pain in the backside for the most part. (Self esteem issues, but everyone has those every now and then!) Also a sweetie. (On the other hand my Cancerian housemate is extremely proactive, wondrously chivalrous, always keeps his word and is in a happy mood most of the time and is not a mummy's boy! Go figure)
    As for Mr Pisces, he could be an absolute charmer and a very tough man's man when he wanted to be, but the eye opener for me was when we parted ways; I wanted to hear a civilized goodbye on the phone rather than an abrupt and vague text messages about having second thoughts as per etiquette and a brief explanation as to why it did not work for us and to quote him "I don't do confrontations well, I am piss weak..." What a cop out. (What confrontation? I am a Pisces softie for goodness's sake) I didn't wait around for him to man up.
    I hope this helps. Good luck with your guy.

  • LOLZ I am currently dating a cancer guy. He is the most caring, loving, romantic guy i have ever known. I think he has ruined me for other guys. lol. I mean... what other guy would be able to express his love for me in the same ways he does? he is just that old world gentleman type when it comes to love. I am not joking :)

    • i'm a virgo by the way. I know it is not the ideal match for his sign. I think taurus is? I'm not sure now. But who cares anyway? I love him to bits and I just want to give him as much love as he gives me lol

    • I'm a Virgo too.#Virgosarethebest #IlikeacancertooShhh :) haha

  • Cancer guy- good side, caring and pampers you. Bad side... they get moody and volatile. They have an easy addiction to drugs and alcohol.

    Pisces guy - All talk and bulllshit. Too sissy and never masculine enough.

    • The volatile bit is on point. His actions were so cold, like I never existed.

    • They are prone to mental illness. Bipolar.

  • Reminds me of a movie I saw once

  • for one dont judge someone based off just their sun sign

  • I actually have never been with a water sign before.

  • Is a Taurus a water sign?
    I think I'm a water sign, what is a Scorpio with a rising gemini moon?

    My sister is so big in this stuff and tells me what my boyfriend and I are and if we do something she'll respond under her breath-*sigh* Taurus

  • Cancer guy i dated was compatible with my sign (Taurus). He was social but he didn't like to be tied down. He jumped from girl to girl after me, eventually settling on his longest relationship with an ex.

    Pisces- The guy was very artistic, awesome in bed but was so flaky about his plans and what he wanted. He was still in love with a girl, when he was with me and when they broke up he tried to hit me up. He was an older guy-15 years older and never really out grew partying.

    • Was the cancer guy moody by any chance? I agree about Pisces and flakiness, lol.

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    • Do cancer guys chase? Like if you text them, they read it, but don't text back but they used to text back?

    • I think so, he was texting me all the time at first and then gradually stopped. Another cancer guy i dated was more emotional so texting wasn't his thing. He liked to express himself in person rather than text. Maybe it just depends on the guy?