80s music poll: Favorite album by Blue Zone/Lisa Stansfield/Swing Out Sister/Scritti Politti?

Blue Zone were an 1 album band, featuring Lisa Stansfield on lead vocals. Pretty good album, also I liked her debut solo album as well…. it was influenced by da late 80s house movement.

Swing Out Sister were kinda similar in style…. although I didn’t like em much tbh…they had a few good songs though.

Same wid Scritti Politti…. although “Cupid & Psyche 85” was “ok”…. but just “ok”

  • Big Thing (Blue Zone)
    Vote A
  • Affection (Lisa Stansfield)
    Vote B
  • It’s Better To Travel (Swing Out Sister)
    Vote C
  • Kaleidoscope World (Swing Out Sister)
    Vote D
  • Songs To Remember (Scritti Politti)
    Vote E
  • Cupid & Psyche 85 (Scritti Politti)
    Vote F
  • Provision (Scritti Politti)
    Vote G
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  • I have C, D & F. Out of those 3, It's Better to Travel gets my vote.


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  • Who are they? Ur not from the us are u

    • no i'm not

      but man u say u know a lot bout 80s music... u didn't know Doctor and the medics... and now u say u don't know all these guys? :p

    • in another opinion of urs u were mentionin u knew a lot bout 80s music... no?

      anyway those groups r British