any australian here who lives in melbourne victoria?

I actually completed my 12th this year and i applied for student visa for australia and most probably i will be coming in July 2015 and i was wondering if anyone who lives there can be my friend so that i won't have hard time finding friends


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  • @justbanannaz is an aussie although i dunno where she lives exactly :D

    • ohhh thanks bro for your help and she has a private profile moreover i can't even message her because i am on xper level 1 if she replies to this post it would be very nice of her

    • don't worry she'll see it

    • yeah :)

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  • hi im aussie but i don't specify what state i live in. sorry :)

    • ohh okay no problem

    • i will be taking admission in latrobe university, melbourne. can u tell me in which university u study now?

  • you'll find lots of friends.


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