Are you one of those people who say things are equal because you want to be politically correct at all costs?

I notice a lot on here like for instance, this quote right here...

1. Who's more shallow? men or women? Now I noticed when someone asks this, almost everyone on here will say its equal as its a crime to say one is more than another... All for the sake of political correctness.

Here's some other questions people will claim that its equal

2. Who has it harder in dating? Men or women?

3. Who benefits more in dating? Men or women?

Don't try to use the "generalization" cop out because generalizing means that ones mind is made up and just because a person says one more than another doesn't mean that they think ALL (insert gender) are like that. Now if they think all (insert gender) is like that, then THAT is generalizing


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  • Disclaimer: My view is biased because I'm a man.

    1. I feel like men are more shallow (when it comes to choosing a woman) but at the same time we have a lot of men have low standards so they take what they can get.

    2. In dating I think we have to separate it into 2 ages below 30 and after 30.
    Lets break down how the dating game works for guys. Firstly, men usually have to make the first move. the guys have to basically sell them selves to get dates when they're under 30. Now for women they have 2 options, They can be aggressive themselves and try to pick up men or they can choose from the men that are already hitting on them. but after 30 I feel like this changes because a lot of people are trying to settle down. and there isn't many men trying to settle down so women have to be more aggressive after there 30's (if they want to settle down)


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  • Nah. I prefer to have legitimate debates. Political correctness is a cop-out in a feeble attempt to keep peace.


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  • I am never politically correct!

    • That's great.

    • That actually requires critical thinking. Something that government schools don't even encourage anymore. Instead of educating them to think for themselves, they indoctrinate everyone with politically-correct ideology.