Why my password on gag is not working?

I use to log in with same password daily. but today i found my account is not opened. they are saying this account does not exsits. how? I used to read question using that account. and comment on some of the question. and i posted a few questions. How this is happend?

Now today i have created this new account from another email id.


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  • Someone probably complained/reported you so they banned you from the site by deleting your account.

    • if you have abused someone or write wrong then anyone can report you. but i have not written anything wrong.

    • Well then you should just ask them... Send them a message complaining or asking why they deleted tour account.

      They probably already sent you one and you should check your email because anytime they delete or remove something they send us a message.

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  • Someone could have convinced the admins to kick you out. What was your level by the way?

    • my level was 6 or 7 in gag.

    • that's really sad

    • i have not abused anyone or post anything wrong. and also ask question very normal. not on sexual topic or gender specific topic.

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