Russian waitress beats up groper. Would it be as popular if the genders were reversed?

Here's the video.

I've had my crotch grabbed by high bitches at clubs, but if I had smacked one with a palet I don't think I'd be celebrated for it. Is it because women are weaker? The guy in this video looks weaker than the woman. She must be the star student at her Tae Bo class, or something.


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  • no lol the cops would be called in


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  • The reason why she fucked his shit up is because he just tried to touch her inappropriately and she has actual dignity and balls to kick his motherfucking ass.
    Don't be a bitch about it, he deserved it.
    You don't know what it is like to be a female and be sexually harassed over in that country. Maybe they don't take it as seriously? So she chucked a fucking menu at his face. Don't complain, take it like the fucking douchebag that you are.
    You wanna be a flaming asshole and fuck shit up, be prepared to get YOUR shit KICKED IN.

    • I didn't say he didn't deserve it. He got off easy, even. I'm saying if the genders were reversed it wouldn't get the same reaction.

    • Asker said in his question that he has been sexually assaulted by women, as indeed have I. I agree with Asker. The man in the video deserved it. But, I also agree with Asker that, if the sexes were reversed, the victim would be criticized. A woman in Russia doesn't hesitate to strike a man who gropes her, whereas a man in Russia or in the West almost certainly wouldn't dare to strike a woman who gropes him, and, if he were to do so, he would be condemned worldwide. That's some 'patriarchy'!

  • If you were just trying to do your job where your pay depends on you being nice to people and someone took advantage of that to sexually harass you because they felt they had a right to your space and your body, then no I wouldn't say anything against you.

    Just like I will not say anything against this woman.

  • @XNicholeMariex3 Love it! Excellent comment!

    So... if you're behaving inappropriately - expect to get beaten up. =)

    Crotch grabbing women? Where in the world do you hang out? O. o

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    • We got an armchair psychologist here. You don't really make yourself look very intelligent by dismissing the substance of an argument because you didn't approve of the way it was presented. The idiosyncrasies of your approval do not define correctness. Stop trying to weasel out of the fact that your comment was simply petty.

    • Calm down.
      I said I agree with the overall premise...

  • In self-defence is acceptable, that's sexual harassment, no matter the gender.


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  • Just imagine the fembot outcry if things were reversed...
    When will we stop with the double standards?

  • Of course it wouldn't god forbid you do anything to them, regardless if someone puts their hands on me man or women they will be dealt with.

  • FYI:
    The guy on a video is a foreigner. Apparently, he's from Europe .

    • Ah yes, in case of someone's wondering:

      The same situation may happen regardless of a gender if someone doesn't know how to behave.
      We have "hospitality", not "tolerance" policy.

  • The guy in the video is not weaker. His only disadvantage is he's pumped up on hormones that he doesn't think clearly and he doesn't have a menu to slap her back with.

    This guy deserved it.

    As for your crotch grabbing 'bitches' at clubs situation, if you don't like it you could harshly say no. If they keep at it like this guy then you can smack them… but society will judge you the asshole. Double standards, bud.

  • Yes I'll get mad and slap my sausage across their face