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Hey guess, I’m writing a novel about a girl who goes through a lot. she was adopted when her parents died and then her adoptive parents die and basically she gets rejected a lot in life and sees a lot of death and she starts to finally accept it all but I don't know how to end the story so can you guys help me? And if you don't have any idea can you please vote if it should be a happy ending or a bittersweet one. Thanks.

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  • She kills herself?

    • No she's not the type of character/person that would do that seeing as she's come to amends with her trouble now; i'm just looking for something to end the story and wondering if it should be a simple ending like the character going to sleep, hugging someone or having some die.

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    • thanks 4 the mho

    • No problem you deserve it

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  • What does she decide to do with it?

    • Live her life to the fullest

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    • Scroll back in my story and she visits her biological family and they reject her and is once again blamed from her biological parents death. But she realizes that despite having that family she has another that's been there with her from beginning and she learns that family doesn't just extend to sharing the same blood but about different connections if that makes sense i guess and she moves on in life by apologizing and accepting her parents death.

    • Cool :) That makes sense!

  • She finds true love


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  • B - most realistic.

    • Yeah, i'm trying to make it as realistic and relatable as possible. Thanks for your help.

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