Young people who enter politics... do you reckon they're naive?

i added somebody on FB the other day, cos in my country there are elections soon, and she's cute..

but then people like that say it's because they want principle, but are they naive? do they reckon they won't get corrupt? i reckon i'd make a good politician, but then it's a shitty/scummy business, so no.


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  • Well one way or another whoever goes in has a chance of being corrupted by what's around them, and that's not exclusive to politics.
    Yet, it is a whole lot more comforting knowing that you have some power over whether a politician is corrupted or not. Needless to say anyone in that business will have to make compromises they don't agree with, that's how it goes, but I don't think that in itself is something negative.
    Maybe there is a touch of naïve to them, but again, that's something that can be said for anyone going into their field.
    It comes down to this. Someone is going to take the position, would you rather it go to the person that's already corrupt, or to someone who will also try to bring their own morals into it.
    Just my thoughts.

    • hehe... i'm glad i don't have a wise viewpoint... and you'll be thinking of arranging to section me for having imperfect reasoning/thoughts. lol..

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  • I think there are plenty of young voters who are naive.

  • Not by a long shot.
    Most recognize the immediate benefit of being paid ridiculous amounts of money, to make decisions that will give them even more money, if they just stroke the ones with all the money.

    Imagine a long life career where you never have to earn an honest buck.
    It's second only to working in finace, in terms of scamming and lying, living off of people who actually work and contribute.

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