Why does this girl want to help me work on my car when she said in the past she doesn't want to get dirty?

There is this girl and a couple months ago when i mentioned cars and engines and all thats stuff she was like "eww that is dirty"... now that im getting my cared prepared for the summer, i put on facebook "does anyone want to help me with a few things i need to fix on my car?", she was the first to respond. I told her that your going to get your hand dirty and that you need to wear a old shirt, etc, and she was like "no problem, tell me when you need me".

I did not want to be mean and say "you're a girl, you don't about cars", instead i said "you have to promise to help and not watch", then she was like "ok i promise i will help you with anything".

So why did she say it, when she doesn't like it i assume

PS: No offence to the girls out there who work on cars, some girls do know what is going on.


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  • She wants to spend time with you.

    • i would like that, i do have a crush on her a bit, but i would like to also get work done on my car

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  • Either she really just want to help or she wants to have a chance to get close to you.

    • i do have a crush on her a bit, but i would like to also get work done on my car

    • Do you think she has enough knowledge on car repairs? I wonder why she volunteered to help if she don't know anything about it since you made it clear that you want the work on your car done

    • i don['t think she knows anything about cars but she did kinda flirt me i think, and she does look good so i wouldn't mind her working on my car ;) but I don't know, she texted me saying that she is willing to help and sent a slimy face, but i do kinda have a crush on her but again she did kinfa flirt me at times.

  • she likes you.

    • i do kinda have a crush on her

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  • guess now she doesn't mind?

    and bro... gals can help... cars r not guys-only business ;)

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