I've never done opera... Why should I?

I love to sing and my choir teacher wants me to audition for an opera... Why should I do it... Positive things only...


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  • Wow. You triggered/raised a "flag" :)
    It's nice when someone can give you such an open and, hopefully, honest advice.
    Many people doesn't know what they should do, what for to aim, can't remember this kind of words from others, which could help them with direction in their life. And here you're presented with a such opportunity on the silver platter.

    "Why should I?"
    Why not? Try to do it and see where it will get you. Every experience will become your sustainment.
    Or at least, if you don't wish for that, make a notice for yourself that you have some aptitude for this kind of things. This notice/memory could help you in future, if you stumble at question "what should I do".


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  • then don't... opera's not yer style u should tell him/her

    • I love it it's just that... i don't know the real reason this would benefit me

  • Take a listen:

    If that doesn't inspire you to try, don't bother. If it does, give it a try. No right or wrong here.

    • I love it lol

    • Some things are worth doing just because of their inherent value as a pleasurable activity.

      If you were thinking of pursuing opera as a career... ok, now it's time to sit down and discuss if that's a smart thing to do and really weigh the pros and cons. But if it's something you enjoy, there isn't a monetary or time-based reason that you can't do it, and it's just for pleasure, there's no harm. If it isn't preventing you from doing something else you consider more important or that you would rather do, then why not?

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