For those who experience sleep paralysis, can you try this experiment I give to you in here to see if it helps with your sleep paralysis?

Okay so I was just trying to test, that if you listen to music with positive vibes I wonder if that would be enough to fight off the spirit. So say if you are a person who regularly experience sleep paralysis, can you try listening to this song about 3-4 times on replay before you go to sleep? Maybe you try just once but for some reason I think playing this about 3-4 times would be better. You might not like the sound of it but if you can just try to really get in the sounds of this music.
So if you can try it this week or so or tonight or maybe you want to try it for a week or so please report your results here on this website; this will help others as well.
Thankyou so much for your participation

Also I ask that not only those who experience sleep paralysis but those who also have experienced demonic activity in their waking hours, or something following you or something, see if listening to this song several times works and please DO report it on here for everyone to know if it works or not. Thankyou once again.


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  • wot genre is it>? :p


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  • i will try it out.

    • awesome and please don't forget to report it here! (crosses fingers, hope it works lol)
      ALso maybe in your waking hours if you have demonic influence around you , try listening to this song and see if it helps...

    • so how goes it? It's only been two days but just curious as to how things are going..