Thoughts on the FIFA World Cup corruption case?

I've read a lot of opinions on this. Some are glad the corruption case is moving forward. Some think it's political, that it was brought about because some were proposing to deny Israel from the World Cup.

Not sure what the implications will be, if it will have any effect on whether the games take place in Russia and Qatar as planned. One thing I did find of note is that the death toll among workers constructing the stadium in Qatar is soon to exceed the Palestinian death toll in Operation Cast Lead.

What are your thoughts on what's happening?

It's estimated that 4,000 workers will die by the time the games actually take place; more than the death tolls from both Operation Cast Lead and last year's Operation Protective Edge, combined.


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  • i dont really care what happens with that.


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  • FIFA was always corruprted more or less ;)

  • I think it's time the FIFA gets a good kick in the nuts. The Qatar assignment is highly controversial in many ways, and it's not unlikely to think that major bribing was involved. Really, it should be about the sports but that shit sailed ages ago.

  • Soccer corrupt? You don't say... It doesn't take a genius to figure that out, even though I'm a genius.

  • The moment Brazil and Mexico beat Croatia in the world cup was the moment i lost faith in FIFA.

    • Lol for one Brazil is soccer royalty and Mexico is well known for it's soccer players. Croatia isn't known for their soccer pedigree

    • Are you kidding!
      - Davor Suker: Top scorer in the 1998 FIFA WC
      - Took 3rd in 1998 WC
      - Dinamo Zagreb has one the UEFA Cup
      - Currently ranked 19th in the world (thats 3 below Mexico w/ about the same % of victories)
      - Average goals against them per match.85
      - Average scored 1.15
      - Scored 425 goals
      - Given up 253
      - Won 129
      - Lost 53

      But i wasn't talking stats wise, i was talking referee wise and unless you have seen the game your opinion doesn't really count.

  • It's football, I thought everyone assumed it was the case already?

  • favorite line from that article:
    "In the end, it only took a $150 million scandal to make Americans care about soccer."
    seriously. and i still don't give a shit about soccer.

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