What do you think of all the Suicide Squad leaks? New character looks, new rides, what are your opinions?

Do the leaks spark your interest or are they really disappointing.
This is pretty shallow, but the only thing I really didn't like so far was Dr. Quinzel's style as she confronted the joker. I guess she was off work in that scene, but I imagined somthing more professional because she's a doctor.
I did however really like her Harley Quinn look.
And I won't comment too much on the Joker's new look, because I have no idea what he looked like/or if he appeared in the Suicide Squad comics-but I will say I'm excited to see how Leto performs because I haven't seen him act before, so there will be no bias. Also I think his new clothes are either going to work perfectly or, combined with his hair, make him well... a joke.

I did like that car though, it was gaudy and ridiculous, and I liked it.
What about everyone on GaG, what did you all think?

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  • Hate everything about it
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  • Meh I'll wait until the teaser trailer


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  • Hate everything about it

    • Did you read the comics? And what do you find most unappealing about the new take on it?

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