This guy and girl are doing this to me, why? Why?

I'm a wealthy man. I sometimes wear expensive clothes. Before I saw this girl and this guy who see me around and the guy said "oh shit, it's the boss" and he almost immediately started to make out like he was doing his hair. I just said what the f--- because it's strange behaviour. He's also very rude towards me and a smart ass. Plus he's even stared right at me with a look of sheer hate.
What for?
The girl he's with used to flirt with me and she's weird around me. Why?


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  • You are who you are. If you choose to wear expensive clothes, well, there's not a thing wrong with that.
    As long as you don't have a narcissistic, condescending personality, you shouldn't feel concerned about it. If they're going to concern themselves with making fun of you, they're not even the level of people you should be associating with. Unless you deserve it because you're condescending. But I hope you aren't

    • I run a business. I need people to make my business work so I'm not condescending at all. I hire many people and I want to keep my staff. Feel me?

    • Yes. I wasn't claiming that you were.

    • I know you weren't but I was just clarifying for others who may be reading this post. Life's too short to be unkind and arrogant. Thanks for your comments

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  • maybe he is pissed that the girl she likes is flirting with you


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  • Envy. He hates you because he is the scum of society and you are not.