Do you mind sites that allow for sexual roleplaying?

There's sites out there such as f-list that allow romantic or sexual roleplaying, but too often, they tend to get delve into all the weird-ass fetishes.

I don't really mind fetishes, but I think it could be handled with more tact - especially if your trying to create actual chemistry between the participants, because actual chemistry is what keeps the story going.

I think some decent stories can be crafted with roleplaying. Usually this means it doesn't focus on the sexual elements, but I think a lot can happen in a story that allows for relationship politics. Even when there's actual D&D styled mechanics. Or maybe I'm crazy?

Ie. The knight's wife betrays him because he wants to be intimate with her, when they were only recently married. She's not so much into intimacy, and wants to have fun before she gets to know him better. She's also really good at intrigue, so she finds a cunning way to do him harm. Perhaps she gains something in the process, or simply gets her revenge (which still helps her stress meter; stress being the thing that makes it harder to deal with other challenges along the way).

Yeah that does sound kinda crazy/nerdy as shit. Oh well. Anyway...

TL/DR; Do you enjoy roleplaying? Do you roleplay online? Is it just regular, or is it also sexual and/or romantic?


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  • I've never heard of or noticed sites like that. I only RP in video games to mess with people, i've never did it seriously but people should do whatever they enjoy lol


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