How did you make a decision about the defining moment of what you will/would, possibly, be doing the rest of your life (career wise)?

I'm almost to that moment, since I will be getting my associates soon and I have not idea what to do, or how to move one once I get it. I know what I defintely don't wanna do, but the career I'd like to pursue (a dream of mine) is unstable even IF I am able to find someone to mentor me or help me out, which is why I may just try toget a BA in something unrelated to the dream, or my second dream, but my family also wants me to continue, seeing as all my cousins are doing greater things like teaching, and being an RN with almost her doctrate. I found a short program that touches on the subject of my dream but it's just like a two month class. I still have a while to think about, and a lot of classes that will touch on other subjects I've been interested in but I'd like to just figure things out before it's too late
How did you guys make the decision about your careers?

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  • Well I wanted to be a doc when I was young and it always kind of stayed in the back of my mind. When I was in highschool though, I started thinking of other career choices, like engineering, or a stock broker. I was still on the fence even while I was majoring in bio during undergrad, but after a lot of thought I realized a couple things. Engineering was my favorite, medicine was my second favorite, and even though I find the stock market extremely interesting there's no reason that I cannot invest while having another job. I also realized that although engineering is my favorite, it doesn't pay well and in order for me to be allowed to have control of entire projects I would have to be one of the very best and kiss a lot of asses. So it came down to medicine, I find it interesting, it makes you feel good knowing that you're actually making a difference, it's challenging, it pays well allowing me to invest later on and give me a stable financial life, it also gives me the finances to have projects like fixing cars and other things of that nature, it would also allow me to work in biomedical engineering if I choose. It took a loooooong time to come to my decision and I doubted myself a lot, but I know I've made the right decision. Honestly, just really think about what you want out of life and what type of lifestyle you want.


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  • *Sigh*

    I'm literally just living day by day. All the goals/plans I have/had are like a foggy dream of an idea that was too complex to accomplish, I've never felt like this before - I feel hollow - it hurts to feel like everything you pursued and all the pain and suffering for it was just a waste of time.

    I'm basically & desperately looking for an alternative or someway of re-summoning the will to proceed with what I was attempting to do.

    I don't know what's going to happen, I feel old & irrelevant, like the window has closed and the doors I came threw have all shut behind me. All I know is that I want to get the fuck out of this room/place as soon as possible before I'm trapped here forever.

  • For me I just went with the flow, now I found a goal and I want to pursue it. However the way is too rough and I hope I could make it.
    My only advice to you is to educate your self. Learn and explore about this world (specially your small world and family) and it is concerns.
    - What is a profession your family might need? (Doctor - Law adviser... etc)
    - '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' your country might need?
    - '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' the world might need?
    And I am sure you will find a thing YOU are passionate about.

  • Your life is an ongoing school and that's also true in the work field.

    • because we're always learning?

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    • Gotcha, I'm not the best with hidden meanings, even if they're obvious, I tend to over think it haha, thanks

    • You learn about decisions you've made. You learn from the past not the future. I have years of real life experience I can share with others.

  • I was addicted to video games growing up, staying home let me escape from bullying and was a contributing factor to my social isolation. Ran into a friend of my cousin's who programmed his own games, started doing the same, and ultimately pursued computer science instead of engineering like I'd originally planned.

    Given where I am now, I'd go back and knock myself upside the head for it, among other decisions and capitulations I've made...

    • Oh man, I'm sorry about that:/
      That does seem like a cool fun job though, programming games. I thought now a days there would be a bigger market for them

    • I'm not programming games. Wouldn't want to now even if I was offered the position - it was an *addiction* in my youth, I've since kicked it.

      Now I live in a cubicle working on banking software, earning a fraction of what I could doing the same work elsewhere. I've been applying for different jobs, but had no luck so far.

    • ohh ok, well at least your trying to find other things that would make you happier (:
      You could even try and get gigs to collaborate with people in upcoming companies and projects, if your really not satisfied and are ok starting new

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  • The thing is, when people make a decision, people assume that they're going to do that for a lifetime. In my opinion, your life is just a game for you to figure out what you really want as a prize, then work for what you want.
    It's okay to not know, it's okay to still be figuring things out.
    On top of that, most people don't just do one thing in their lifetime.
    Look at Calvin Harris.
    He used to work in a fish factory, now he's one of the world's greatest DJs.

    What To Do With Your Life (volgbrothers)

    Search this video up on YouTube (I wasn't able to post the link into this comment); I think this video will be useful to you.
    Good luck with everything, and I hope you have a nice day! (:

    • thanks, did not know that about the ever so handsome Calvin Harris!

  • I am getting my associates as well. I don't consider future pay, because I trust my passion in anything could earn me anything beyond expected pay limits.

    A specific career never comes to mind. I could make money off of any interest I have in my life if I had a passion for it and put in all my effort.

    So I consider one of my current strong interest, which is getting to understand people: Their motives, how to help reprogram their brain, their experiences, the cause, how to correctly do something or treat someone, how to communicate clearly, etc.
    so I'm majoring in psychology. I know for a fact that this can easily be applied to no matter what career I even fly decide to go in because it deals with humans. Lol

    Anyways, knowing what you want to major in is easy. Being worried about whether it will set you up for your future career is pointless to worry about! Most people never go into the careers of the subjects they majored in!! Just get that degree.

    • Thanks, this was actually my mentality before my family got into my head:P

    • psych degree is pretty useless, I double majored in psych and bio

    • @guy532 not if I have an interest in it and I can learn a lot to help others outside of a career.

  • My mother wanted me to be a doctor, something in technology, or chemical engineering or something like that because the rest of my family is into all of that and are very successful, but it just wasn't for me. I was absolutely, 100% uninterested in any of that. I wanted to be a lawyer/business woman but my mother was totally against that for whatever reason. I'm going ahead with it though because it's what would make me happy. Why would I wanna be stuck working in a career field I'm miserable in for the rest of my life? Regardless of how much money I'd make.

    • Exactly! I like behind the scenes/technology type stuff, and anything like a hardcore GE, isn't for me haha, thanks!

    • You're very welcome!


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