What do you think about installing a urinal in addition to a toilet in the house?

Sometimes, guys are just that busy... and we always have to lift up the toilet seat or risk wetting it.

Multiply the number of times you have to lift up the seat/put it down + time it takes to clean up the mess with the amount of time in total doing all of those things. Assume you live in that house for the rest of your life so that's A LOT of time you are wasting.


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  • It sounds like pure laziness to me in all honesty.
    How hard is it to lift a toilet seat?
    And aim correctly?

    • Even if u do make a mess, how long does it take to clean it?

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    • If my 5 year old can do it without a hassle. U most def can !

    • well duh I can do it, I'm just being a capitalist sister ;p

  • It should be up to the homeowner to install that, as there are some households which are only females. A urinal would be a waste of space if nobody is going to use it. I grew up in a house with 4 brothers and my dad and nobody had an issue with just using the toilet. Now I just live with my husband and he doesn't even lift the seat up when he pees.

    I don't care about having to put the seat down when I use the toilet. It takes 5 seconds.

    • multiply 5 seconds by how many times you have to lift up the seat for the rest of your life in your home (assuming it's the same home) and it's a lot of time!

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    • *sigh* capitalism = every man for himself = efficiency methods = more money = more capitalism.

    • Oh okay, yeah I get it.

  • I feel good about wearing them both.. saying so I'm gonna go shopping soon !


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  • Awesome idea, !!!

    • LOL, I just thought about it because I kept having to lift up the seat on the toilet.

    • I am glad to see you have the descency to at least lift the seat. Many don't even do that.

  • Ridiculous idea. I NEVER pee standing up. Be respectful to others. At some point you WILL be living with a woman.

    • LOL, it's really situational Mr. I respect women a lot so you should to.

    • Hmmm... What made you think I disrespected women?