I need help devising a study schedule for this fall semester?

I work 30+ hours per week for a dentist. I am taking chem 1 (again, got a c the first time by not studying at all), and bio 2 (same thing) this fall. I have a friend that got into d school with a 3.3 gpa and a 2.8 science gpa!! but a 20 on the DAT. That motivates me enough to sign back up for courses after 3 years of non school. My overall gpa from my degree is 3.5 but my science dropped to 1.6 because i left to another state and didn't drop my courses when the semester started. The school offers forgiveness of 3 grades which i have to use all three. This should boost my gpa up about a point. So im taking this seriously since i have to complete 9 courses and can dramatically change my future. My goal is to bring my sgpa up to a 3.2 at least. My degree was in arts so i wasn't accustomed to studying and lately, since my goal of being dental school, I've decided to study at least an hour per day to chemistry and just finished 2 hours today of only chemistry. I read, take notes and practice the inchapter problems and the ones at the end. If i work from mon-thurs 9-730pm, and have a wife at home, whom i have to pickup/drop off at work, how can i set up a good studying schedule? The rule of thumb is to study at least 2-3 hours for every 3.0 credit class. Meaning 6-10 hours per week per class. Im taking 2 sciences this sem, what do you recommend?

  • Study Everyday at least 1.5 hours per course after work
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  • Start on Thurs after work (after 5pm) and study 2 hours per course per day until Sunday
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  • Study every day.
    I usually do so for an hour or more (depending on how hard the course is).
    you can do this !

    I have six more courses to go to be a Rn nurse
    I have been getting nothing but a's and b's.

    Dedication and commitment will get u through.
    It's far too ez to be lazy

    • So when you took chem and bio did you study everyday and how often.. I understand NOW that sciences have to be understood in order to get the hang of it. I memorized problem sets and thats how i ended up with c's. Did you get an A in those courses?

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    • Yeah lately I've been reading and taking my own notes and doing the in chapter problem sets as they come. At the end i do the end chapter questions and try all of them. See before, I only did my HW and studied like a day before the exam and managed a C. So i know if i put in the effort i should be able to ace this class. Im just very nervous about this especially since im older now

    • U did pretty well for someone who didn't dedicate much time.
      Give it ur all ! U'll get that A.
      Look I'm nervous too.
      I started back two years ago. I just turned 29 this month. I'm fighting to pass and with high grades. I call out of work if I have to just so I can have extra time to study.
      U got to do what u have to do.
      We are not 18 n e more.
      Time is passing by.
      We got to get this done and blow everyone out of the water.
      U can do it !
      Just put ur words into action.
      An hour a day.

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  • study every day!


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  • Good luck, friend!

  • can u afford it bro?

    • yeah i can its just i have to have the right mindset. I had a friend who was going into pharma school and she had kids and a full time job. She was THE most dedicated person in my lab. Had her stuff together and got A's. I had more time than her and didn't use it wisely