What is your life crisis?

It's nothing new:
Everyone has a difficult path, each one is unique. Everyone deals with pain, loss, bad luck, loneliness, hate and each experience is different yet the same emotions are shared.

Which one have you experienced whether it be consistent or a one-time huge factor in your life? Share something the experience has taught you, something that you think everyone should know without having to go through it the hard way as you have.

  • Relationship Issues
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  • Financial Issues
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  • Spirituality Issues
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  • Self-image Issues
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  • Psychological Issues
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  • Physical Issues
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  • Other
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If you are going to comment, share some advice about what you learned.

Honestly no one cares about your issues unless you have some lesson to share lol if you want to tell people your issue.. that's what the poll is for.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I got quite a few.

    Lonelyness even though I have lots of friend
    My looks
    Psychological (Severe depression and identoity issues)
    I lost a kid
    many more things but meh everyone has issues


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What Guys Said 6

  • Always respect people, even if they seem crazy, even if they seem to not want your respect... There is such a thing as karma if you mistreat someone without a compelling reason.

  • i wanna "kill" my past-self... where do i belong?

    • Possibly Self-image issues?
      What happened?

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    • Did you learn anything from those years?

    • yes,"don't take things so seriously"

  • In the past it was spirituality issues like @KhaysunDei but now it's self image and financial issues.

    I struggled with my religious beliefs for a long time and came to conclude that religious beliefs are superstitions that will never actually happen. One day I'll die and that's the end of the story... I am still religious though but mostly in my own way I guess...

    • For self-image I decided that most people aren't so picky with what you look like and you need to learn to be comfortable with your own face and skin to ever feel love

    • Interesting...

  • I sometimes take on other peoples problems and try and help them out

    • So you selected other? Did you learn anything while trying to help others?

    • apart from the actual point at issue
      I learnt how people appreciate the help you give them some more than others to the infrequent ungrateful one

  • I bet I'm the only one who chose spirituality issues huh? hehehe, at least a minority.

    • What have you learned by have spirituality issues?

    • I learned that my dream is to find God and to be better than the person I was yesterday. And I will lay down my life for what I believe in.

  • Im behind in a bunch of school stuff


What Girls Said 3

  • Never ever trust anyone!

  • Right now self image.

  • Mostly E, then B and a little bit of D.

    • Did you learn anything?

    • I'm still having these actually. What I've learnt is that this world ain't easy and we gotta work if we want to complete our goals. I've learnt better not to show my weak side to people, even if that makes them think I'm insensitive at times.